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Weekend Project: New Cushion

I love crafty projects.  I just finished planning a wedding, so now I have lots of free time and brain space to work on new things.  And the ideas are flowing! Not only am I cranking out the blanket I’ve been working on, but I had time to make myself a new cushion for my stool.

Here’s my stool. It’s wooden and hard.  Not bad for when I’m just doing a bit of work during the day, but it really takes a toll on my behind after a day of sitting on it.

Before Picture.
Hard to concentrate on work when your butt is sore…

So, off the the craft store to pick up some great fabric:

Fabric ready to go
Loved the little flower buttons on this one. And it was on sale!

And after about 2 hours of measuring, pinning, pinning again, sewing, and stuffing, I came out with this: A beautiful, overstuffed cushion! I’m pretty proud of myself for this, as my sewing skills are not super-great.

Weekend Project - after photo!
Very happy to have some padding under me :)

So that’s what I did with my weekend.  What did you make this weekend?

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